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REP's R & D laboratory is at the heart of our network. Engineers and technicians develop, test and optimize new formulations to optimize the performance of our ranges.

In direct contact with the world of academic research, thanks to long-standing partnerships with various European institutes and universities, REP's R & D employees practice an active technological watch and keep themselves at the forefront of innovation. Lastly, REP carries out systematic worldwide legal and regulatory monitoring in order to guarantee the flawless compliance of its products.


Innovations are
each year.

Countries are users
of REP products.

years of experience in oil production, industry
and environment.



REP observes a rigorous selection process for its suppliers and raw materials, allowing us to provide an optimum response to our customers’ quality requirements.

REP manufactures its products to order, thereby providing customers with new solutions and allowing them to enjoy the best possible quality guarantee. The integrated production chain allows REP’s teams to meet all our customers’ requirements within the shortest possible time frames.

REP is ISO 9001 certified to ensure the highest quality in its internal processes and products delivered to its customers worldwide. Ensuring thorough oversight in its manufacturing operations, REP retains samples of each batch for a minimum period of two years.

Products designed for use
in oil production operations : 

  • BACTIREP : Biocides
  • IDOS : Scale inhibitors
  • CORIDOS : Multi-function anti-scale & anti-corrosion
  • INHICOREP : Corrosion inhibitors and HCL inhibitor
  • DGP/DWP : Demulsifiers for fields & refineries
  • AMREP : Anti-foam
  • REPA :  Wax & Asphaltene inhibitors

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