In order to permanently guarantee a high level of performance for our customers, REP constantly optimizes its products, from formulation to packaging.

The formulations of our products are systematically made to order and can evolve to best meet the operational conditions of ourcustomers, such as temperature, pressure, process and the different fluids to be treated. Our technical and commercial teams are at the service of our customers in the field.

In addition, REP carries out a rigorous sourcing of its raw materials around the world, in order to be able to offer the best quality at the best prices to its customers.


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environmental protection.

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Environmental protection is one of REP’s three core areas of activity; it is also a permanent commitment for all the company’s operators, from R&D through to production.  

Currently ISO 9001-certifi ed, REP has also begun the process of obtaining ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 certification in order to meet the highest possible industrial standards.

REP products and protocols are aligned with REACH, BPR, and CEFAS standards, while REP infrastructures and procedures adhere to the strictest requirements in terms of environmental protection. Finally, our integrated QHSE department constantly monitors the environmental aspect of our activities in order to reduce our environmental impact and that of our customers’ operations.

REP also complies with local standards, as well as with the requirements and compliance rules of its customers. REP constantly monitors the conduct of its business in the strictest respect of the rules, laws and people, in all countries where the company operates.

Products designed for environmental protection 

  • REPSORB : Absorbents for oils and / or any other liquid designed to fight against industrial pollution or by hydrocarbons. 
  • DB : Bacterial cleaner and activator of microorganisms.
  • DISPEREP 12 : Oil dispersant. 
  • BIOREP 22 : De-pollutants, detergents, solvents and biodegradable cleaners.
  • OBTUREP : Shutter of grids of sewer.  
  • COTREP : Rock cleaners. 
  • BALAREP : Film-forming agent for the protection of the shores.

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