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As an industrial partner to its clients, REP provides technical and commercial support throughout the 4 continents in  which the group operates.

REP’s managers and engineers travel to each one of our clients’ operational sites in order to carry out various tests and optimise the formulations of REP products, adapting them to the specific conditions of each production environment. REP carries out treatment operations, as well as careful monitoring of our products’ performance. Where necessary, testing procedures and corrective actions are immediately implemented. 100% of REP products are guaranteed for 2 years.

REP ensures logistical supply monitoring for its products on industrial sites, and can also undertake their storage, packaging and the delivery of related services.


Innovations are
each year.

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from exports

Quality controls
carried out on
all products entering
our production site



Raw materials, production and operational use: at each stage in the production chain, the quality checks carried out by REP ensure our products deliver superior performance.

From the receipt of materials through to application, all components used in REP products are carefully tested, with 5 quality control checks observed throughout the production cycle.

REP applies the most stringent inspection procedures available, while also conforming to the specifications and recommendations issued by the customer.

Inspections are carried out on site and within the REP laboratories, using protocols which are fully disclosed to the customer.

Our products designed for industrial use :

  • DTG 100 : Anti-oxidant detergents for the industrial cleaning of rooms and floors.
  • SN : High performance cleaning solvents.
  • ACTIREP : Bacterial cleaners responding to various homologations (CHR, SNCF).
  • POLYREP, DETER 100, SOLREP : Various ranges for the cleaning of rooms and floors. With, for some of them, environmental specificities.
  • DPP, SR, REPNET, DCAL and REPINOX : Various ranges for more specific needs.
  • PROTECTION PRODUCTS : A wide range of water and solvent based corrosion protection products, greases and oils for short or long term protection.

On-site tests, performance monitoring,
logistics management:100% service,
100% performance.


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